"Soups on Us is a great program that provides food to the Danville community in a way that I think preserves the families' dignity. They do not have to show up at the church so that everyone sees that they are in need and be embarrassed that they cannot provide food for their families. Soups on us works like "meals on wheels" where the only people who know the families’ names are the administrators and the deliverers. I think this way we are able to provide food to families that would otherwise be embarrassed to ask for it. It also gives people who can’t leave their homes much a chance to socialize at least once a week and chat and visit with the deliverers every Saturday. So this way, Soup’s on Us does a great job of serving people that can’t or won’t go to the traditional soup kitchen.

My favorite part is delivering. There is one route in which we stop by a blind man's apartment. He is absolutely brilliant and knows something about everything. He loves to talk to us when we stop by and could probably sit and chat for about three hours if we let him. It breaks my heart every week when we can only stay for a few minutes, but at least were able to reach out to him at least once a week."

-Brittany Corrigan
Centre College ‘11

"Not only are we giving the food, we are reaching our hearts out"
- Mia Sigola
Toliver School STLP Student
taken from www.amnews.com

"My favorite part of Soups On Us is delivering the food. It gives me a warm feeling with I see the faces of the people we are serving. They need the food but they also need to know that someone cares."
Sofie Sanders
Toliver School STLP Student

"Working together to get the job done is an important part of Soups On Us. We all work together to make the sandwiches, package the cookies, and then pack the boxes. The people who get the food really need it and we get to be a part of something fun that also helps people"
Emma Erwin
Toliver School STLP Student

"I work with Soups On Us because there are people in need and I want to help."
Madelyn Torbush
Soups On Us Volunteer

"I just wanted to thank you for the Soups On Us (STLP) program. It has meant the world to us. Holly has so enjoyed volunteering on Saturday mornings. She has come home and taught our family about our community needs. I'm amazed that she has retained so much. She has so enjoyed serving.
She has had fun and learned many things about the technology program. I think her favorite was making the animoto videos.
I love that she has used technology to get the word out about the Soups on Us program.
This has been the perfect learning experience. Everyone loves to make a difference! She has used her hands, mind, and heart!
I believe that she will become a life long volunteer. What a priceless education!
Thank you again,"

Dee Dee Helmers
Toliver School STLP Parent